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A youth basketball training and development organization, Triple Double Player Development offers a variety of basketball clinics, programs, and camps throughout the year. Focused on cultivating avid basketball fans, we are not a league. Instead, we are dedicated to enhancing player's coordination and athletic skills, as well as helping develop their character.


Building Coordination and Character

Our programs are designed to help build youth up. Basketball is effectively a team sport and that is the main theme - teaching children how to interact and work together.

The skills boys and girls learn from our programs and activities translate to on and off the court. As well, they develop a healthy appreciation for exercise. Whether your child is new to the game or a seasoned player, they get the support from coaches, players, and parents.

Open Enrollment

Programs and coaching is provided year round, with different clinics and camps held around the Sugar Land area. Programs are open to boys and girls ages 5 - 18. No prequalification is required. Group programs for non-profit organizations and schools are available.

Triple Double PD Services
It's About More Than The Game

Our trainers are seasoned players and our sessions are designed specifically to address the needs and skills of different youth ages. Our goal is to help youth reach their potential, helping them gain confidence and develop skills that will help them on the court and in life. For us nothing is more rewarding than watching youth blossom as athletes and as people. 

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