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Point Guard vs. Shooting Guard Fundamentals

Point Guard

A team’s playmaker (coach on the floor). Usually the shortest player on the team. Must possess good passing and dribbling skills. Must make good decisions taking advantage of each teammate’s strengths and capabilities. Must have good court vision taking pride in passing and creating open shots for receivers. Rarely turns the ball over. Most shots will come off dribble penetration. Also, must be able to recognize opponents’ defensive deployment and defensive mismatches along with being alert to the score, time, team foul situation and timeout remaining. Is responsible for defensive balance on teammate’s shots.

Shooting Guard

A team’s best outside shooter. Hard to guard. Must have the ability to create open shots within their range and not let ego or outside pressures take them outside their range. Knows how to use teammate’s screens to get open shots. Must acknowledge teammate’s feeds. Has offensive rebounding responsibilities along with secondary ballhanding responsibilities.

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